Desultorif (desultorif) wrote,

"Everyone of my friends is good at something. A, you are good at driving. B, you are good at video games. Rick, you are.... you know I can't say anything."

Me: "Just drink this and go to bed."
Z: "You know what I mean when I said that everyone is good at something?"
Me: "Yeah, just get some sleep and drink this."
Z: "I'll send you an email. No, I won't. Yes. No, I won't."
Me: "Good night, Z."
Z: "Rick." *the door shuts*

I have been a good friend (for some people).
I've never been anyone's close friend.

I'm tired of hearing that I give too much.
I'd break down if one person actually said I was their closest friend.

I search the world, but I can't be that for anyone and only I know why......
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